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Hello there, Its been a while since I wrote any piece but promise to change this habit to at-least 1 post every week!! Back to development, Over the recent months, I have been working on a number

PHP Rest API part 1

By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to create your own REST API from scratch using PHP and SLIM framework. You should also be able to know what a REST API is, the difference

Android detect swipe events

If you are an Android developer, I guess this must have been one of the problems you have encountered. You  needed to detect swipe events on views so that you can do something on either of the

Download Images in Android from URL: Part 2

This article assumes that you have already gone through the tutorial that explains how to add VutaImage library to your project. If not Click Here

Download Images in Android from URL

This article demonstrates how to use VutaImage (A lightweight Android libray I created to make it easy to download images from a url with a simple API)  to download images from a url and save it in


Get basics of Object Oriented Programming in PHP