Startups that can highly penetrate in Africa

More and more startups are being created nowadays but sometimes founders fail from the start by not choosing an idea putting into consideration the geographical location, culture, social status, age and gender of the target users.  The idea can be great but conducting a research of the area can greatly affect your startup life. Take for example, i want to launch a startup in a certain area to help residents locate a taxi for pickup. This startup will succeed if at all people from that area are used to that lifestyle and their is accessible means of transport. For instance, no roads will be a major challenge to this startup.

Some startups might succeed in certain areas but can never show any possibilities of success in others no matter how hard to try.

If you want to launch a startup in Africa, the following are some of the categories that if you choose one, chances are that it will go to success but of course marketing should play a major role otherwise nobody will know about your startup.

1. Agriculture – This is a promising field especially in Kenya. Give farmers solutions to their problems all the way from diseases control, information about farming, sensitization about changes in climate all integrated with cheap and affordable technology. Examples of startups in this category

  1. M-farm -
  2. mkulima -

2. Health – This is not only in Africa but it can work well in almost every part of the world. Diseases are all over and I believe Technology can be used to cure, provide the necessary information of prevention within the shortest the possible, do remote disease screening.

  1. MedAfrica -

3. Education – in Africa education is the key to eradicating poverty. Ensure that citizens have the basic knowledge. Teach them advantages of population control through family planning which will reduce the levels of poverty as people will have kids whom they can take good care of, youth empowerment through educating them to fight alcoholism and drug addictions so as to be productive members of the society.

  1. Mprep – which later changed the name to Enezaeducation -

Since mobile penetration in Africa is high, do as much as you can to integrate your startups to mobile devices.



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